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What are your top albums of 2016?

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So, 2017 is just three weeks away and it's craaaaaazy, time is an illusion and it goes by really quickly, but yeah, it's time for a music review! At first I was going to make a top 5 but then I realised that it was impossible for me to select just 5 albums because I'm a fan of everyone and I listen to a GREAT amount of different people, so I ended up making a top 10, which was still kinda hard but at least I feel like it's a more accurate representation of my favourite releases from this year. By the way, the albums are not ranked or anything, I just posted them in a random order, except for the last one which is CLEARLY my number one :wink1:


Luna - Free Somebody





Luna is a member of a girl group called f(x) (yes, just like that) and this year she got to release a solo EP that consists of 6 masterpieces. It's full of amazing edm songs with a very strong r&b influence and the thing that I love the most is that half of the album is very danceable, while the other half is more calm and ballad-like, but her voice really shines throughout the whole record. 





Stellar - Sting





Stellar is yet another girlband that has always been criminally underrated and hated because of their sexy concepts, but the truth is that they're really talented, their music is amazing and fuck the haters, they can be as sexual as they want to! This year they released their second EP thanks to a crowdfund and they pulled a great colection of songs with an incredibly visually appealing MV.





La Oreja De Van Gogh - Planeta Imaginario





My favourite Spanish band released their first album in 5 years and it's just amazing! You don't need to understand Spanish to feel the nostalgic, poetic vibe which has become their signature  sound!




Monica Naranjo - Lubna 





Yet another Spanish comeback, Monica Naranjo released her first album in 8 years and it's fucking huge. The whole concept behind the album is telling the story of a Goddess called Lubna, and it's full of really dark songs which mix simphonic elements like a full orchestra and a choir with rock elements, and of course her epic voice! Seriously, you need to listen to her to understand how legendary her voice is.





Ladies Code - MYST3RY/STRANG3R






I'm putting these two albums together instead of just choosing one because they're both just single albums of 3 songs, so together they're like a 6 songs EP. The three remaining members of Ladies Code returned to the music scene after the other two memebers passed away in a car accident in 2014 and wow, their new sound left me speechless. They used to release very bright, lively songs but this year they went for a much more acoustic/r&b vibe and the result is just amazing.






SHINee - 1 of 1





Just two word, 90's overload. This album is perfect for the nostalgic 90's kids and they really put out a great collection of songs with different genres and I don't know, they're one of my favourite groups because their music is always so original and so different, I have nothing else to say, I love them.




Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman





As stan twitter would say, Ariana did that! I've always liked Ariana but with Dangerous Woman she just outdid everything she had previously released! I think that most people here know her so I don't have to say much, her voice is flawless and it shines in this record full of sexy pop songs and more jazzy, broadway-like tunes!




Susan Boyle - A Wonderful World





I know that this is a very odd pick considering that I love bubblegum, mainstream, generic pop (and I'm not ashamed to admit it) but sometimes I just feel like listening to something that will reach to my sould and just make me feel things, and I can always count on Susan's music to do that.




Lovelyz - A New Trilogy





Yes, I know their name is EXTREMELY cheesy, but their songs are so special and so beautiful that I can't help but love them! They have a very bubblegum pop sound mixed with strings and I don't know, their songs are just really sweet and pleasant, I love them.




Britney Spears - Glory





Did you really thought I wouldn't include Godney Jeansus in this list? Of course I had to! :ohrly: I'm not saying this because I stan for her, but Britney legitimately released the best pop record of the year, there is not a single bad song on this album! I won't extend much on this one because we all know it's freaking flawless.




So that was it, my top 10 albums of 2016! Please, post your personal top 5, top 10 or top whatever, let's all share what has been blessing our ears this year :yasqueen: 

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