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Nelli Gaidai

who here likes other celebrity icons besides brit?

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jared..... and his band 30 seconds to mars and then i actually enjoy the stuff thats on the charts. when i was younger, i was like "only this music genre and only this band etc", but that stopped as i grew up. now (being 25 years old), i appreciated the stuff thats on the charts and the "old" stuff from the 90s and 00s :gloria:

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My Fave Faves:


Taylor Swift


Linkin Park



Other people I love:


Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

Carrie Underwood


Avril Lavigne

Ariana Grande

Christina Aguilera 

Dove Cameron 

Hilary Duff

Jamie Lynn 


Lesley Roy

Lucy Hale


and soo many bands

and soo many more artists, so many to name. 

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