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10 horribly underrated albums

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Okay so I made this top 10 the most underrated albums, they are all just as good but some are more underrated than others and that's how I ended up doing this list :) if you want post your list below :mhm:

I didn't include britney albums because it would be boring to have her whole discography here

10. Madonna - Confessions on a Dancefloor (2005)

Okay I admit I don't particularly stan Madonna but this album, mainly dance music, shits all over anything she's ever released. Ray Of Light who?

9. Shakira - She Wolf (2009)

I must say, her English throughout this album isn't that good. Some lyrics are cringeworthy, like 'Why wait for later?/I'm not a waiter' but the flow of the album is perfect and the songs are well produced. However, this masterpiece is not aknowledged as it should be.

8. Skrillex - Recess (2014)

I can't at people calling this Skrillex's worst album. Yes, it might be taken away from dubstep and you can find over the top tracks like 'Doompy Pomp' but the different sound Skrillex chose for this album is experimental enough to be good. One of my favourites as a Skrillex fan

7. Nicki Minaj - The Pinkprint (2014)

Well even Nicki's record label called this piece of art 'The Shitprint' but I believe it's because Nicki got back to her roots in this one and went for a harder rap style. Most of the lyrics are strong and meaningful and in some tracks Nicki showcases her voice more than ever. I only skip that shitty collab with Beyonca.

6. Paris Hilton - Paris (2006)

Why the hell is this album so overlooked? I enjoy the beats and her breathy voice. The lyrics are fun and it's a guilty pleasure you should be bopping to.

5. NSYNC - No Strings Attached (2000)

Yes it was a commercial success but why is it so forgotten right now? It's full of pure pop anthems like 'It's Gonna Be Me' and you can get in the groove with songs like 'Just Got Paid'. There are also hot tracks like 'Digital Get Down' and 'Space Cowboy'

4. Bridgit Mendler - Nemesis (2016)

This EP is so flawless I can already consider it an album. It got lots of backlash from the fans saying it was not 'mainstream' enough, but it surely is filled with chill songs

3. The Weeknd - House of Balloons (2015)

This was an old mixtape but it got released in 2015 with remasters and hell they are hot. The songs are dreamy and chill, with really provocative lyrics. What else could we ask for?

2. Brooke Hogan - Undiscovered (2006)

I still can't figure out the reason people liked 'The Redemption' more than this. Why???? This album has a perfect flow and though some songs are corny they are all fun and you can feel like the queen of the world while bopping to this. Typical 2006 urban beats.

1. Heidi Montag - Superficial (2010)

WTF! PEOPLE HATE HEIDI AND THAT'S THE ONLY REASON THEY HATE THE ALBUM! Although there is some over the top vocal production and a few parts are offkey, I'm sure this would be as great as Flawless Fatale if the production was slightly better. The songs are catchy and fun, perfect to dance!!

Enviado desde mi SM-G531M mediante Tapatalk

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