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This girl in my class...


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*The stuff I'm about to tell you may make you wanna pull your eye balls out, clean them and see if you read what you think you read*


So, there's this girl in my class. She is so unpopular, and because I am so nice that I'm basically nicer than America's Sweetheart, I have supported her since day one, telling people they should benicer to her and that it's super sad they're acting like that towards her for no reason whatshowever


Wondering what kind of girl this is? She is so freaking no... Everything about her is just...

The way she talks is annoying, she makes these weird noises in class that people make when having sex, she scratches her vagina IN CLASS, her fashion style is nonexistent and comes to the point where she wheres sweat pants to school, her hair is a mess, her attitude is weird... Do I even need to continue?


Anyway, even though I knew ALL these things about her, I still felt for her and defended her

My friend who also defended her told me I was digging my own grave, and told me she'll act nasty and skanky towards me eventually


Guess what happened? 


One time, I didn't have my school pass with me and I borrowed a pass from my friend and turned it upside down so that you couldn't see the picture, guess what that bitch does? She tells the freaking teacher, and of course I have to leave the computer room 


Just today, this kid who sits next to her (who also acts really mean (but I guess funny in some way) to a lot of people) then goes really mean style towards her, and the kid sitting next to me is like "Is she crying?", and the only thing I can think is "That's so sad..."

So, I obviously tell that kid sitting next to her to "shut up", now, in Dutch you can say "Houd je mond" and "Houd je bek". The difference is that "mond" means mouth, while "bek" means animal mouth (or w/e)


Anyway, then she's all like "He can't shut his (bek), because he has a mouth"... I looked at the kid sitting next to me and just half-laughed. It was unbelievable


She also always pokes me in the back for some reason, and when I turn around to ask what there is, she's just "Nothing" with I guess some sort of troll face


Then, today during French, we had to translate what our favorite thing is to do, and she was like (in French) "My favorite thing to do is playing video games, because they help me against depression"...




I'm speechless :umomg:

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I had a girl like that in one of my classes, she was really odd,used to have headlice and pick her arse crack in class. I learnt that there's nothing you can do to help these hopeless cases, just let them get on with life tbh

Really? Then what should I do for my sake? Ignore her? Remain nice? Avoid?

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Ughhh I don't know how to react to that. And if she's mean to people just ignore her because she's gonna soon start drama and no one wants to be on drama

Well, she's "mean", if you get what I'm saying

Not actually mean, but.. Idek


Well you don't get any thanks so why bother helping her I say 

Ia :mhm: 

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Well, she's "mean", if you get what I'm saying

Not actually mean, but.. Idek

Ah so she is mean like doesn't know she's mean and people just think she is because she makes people cry. So she doesn't mean to be mean?

When did I say she makes people cry though? Re-read that part please :britdrown: 

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