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One of the most underrated albums from the last couple of years Pt. 2


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I don't need to add anything to this post, Hilary just did THAT with this album :yasqueen: 

Ok, I might say something :dontlike: I just love how she went for a carefree, pure pop album instead of mixing random "alternative" styles in an attempt to be considered a serious artist. And just to be clear, I'm not saying I hate anything that it's not generic pop music, I actually love when people take risks and create interesting mixes of music, but some times I feel like pop singers these days try too hard to please the music snobs, you know? So it's actually refreshing when someone keeps it simple and puts out a nice album full of cute little bops. She totally deserved to sell more than 39k first week, but at least it was enough for a top 5 debut :crying1:

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I used to like Hilary's music, like a loooooot  years ago but now I can't listen to her music (except her second album, that was her best, and also Playing With Fire is still my jam) but I can't at her voice anymore.
Her discography looks like a mess (2 albums, 1 greatest Hits, 1 album, 1 greatest Hits, 1 album) :tbh:



But on her last album, I found One in a Million pretty cute but kinda dated :fakesmile:



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