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Amazon Deep Discounts Lady Gaga’s Excellent “Joanne” Album for $3.99 in Sales Panic


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Tbh, my predictions for Gaga were only slightly better than what Britney's Glory did during week one - but wtf is this???? Already discounting?


The album was released last night and went right to number 1 on both iTunes and amazon. But the deep discount is going to cause a furor since most MP3 albums are priced between $8.99 and $11.99. Deep discounting in the past led to an industry wide decision that albums had to be priced at a minimum of $3.49 to be eligible for the charts.

But pricing “Joanne” so low is a signal that neither Amazon nor Interscope has much confidence in the record.

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Wasn't Born This Way sold for 0,99 too? They love to discount her albums I see :britney-nicetry:

Anyway, I wasn't expecting much from Joanne but I have to say that it surprised me how much I loved it! I mean, I'm not gonna replay it like crazy like I'm still doing with Glory, but objectively it's really good and when I'm in the mood for it I'll really enjoy listening to it!

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