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iPhone 7 Plus order questions to those who have it..


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So I decided to go bigger this time (:orangu:) and get the plus (mainly because of the camera) but I ordered back in September and they still didn't recieve my phone nor ship it so I'm waiting here like :selenerz: to anyone else who has or ordered one how long did it take? My estimated ship date at the end of November and hasn't changed :zoomzoom:

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6 hours ago, graffitimysoul said:

A friend of mine recently ordered one (a week and half ago) and it's not scheduled to be shipped until the end of December. Black and Jet Black I know are back-ordered until the new year. I think it depends on who you ordered it thru along with the storage and color.

Omg thats horrible i'd be so pissed, I went with the jet black because I love the shiny finish and how it looks but i can't believe seeing that these color choices are so successful why apple wouldnt have been a little more prepared? I read online somewhere that they didn't make as much jet black and black iPhones because they didn't expect them to be so popular and that it was harder to make them :gloria: all i know is apple better get on their shit and give us our phones :selenerz:

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