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Ashley Tisdale just did a cover of Still Into You with her husband.

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First off, I'm mad as fuck.


Ashley's last album slayed me SO damn hard it was unreal. Like, it changed my life.

That last album was 2009.


We haven't had any leaks. (Except for like, one song and a snippet of another.)

She released a promo single in late 2013 just because




But we still aren't getting new music.




I told her in the comments to cover DLMBTLTK :crying1:



I just wish she would do her third album already :crying4: 


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1 hour ago, Light Yagami said:

Tbh i still listen to Headstrong songs at the gym...

i always liked her

its too bad the music industry is so cold towards non touring acts

id love to hear another album of hers

Guilty Pleasure 2.0 :crying1: Or at least some demos, I mean, for fucks sake, 36 (38 if you count it's the way & if my life was a movie) just isn't enough :crying4: 

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