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[ G A M E ] Let's start a story!

The Guv'nah

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I think this could be fun. We make up a story one sentence at a time.

Here are the rules:
1) You may only write one sentence per post. No more!
2) The sentence must continue the story that is being told. No off-topic/unrelated sentences
3) At any time, a person may post "The End". The next poster will then start a brand new story.
(If you say "the end", you may not write a sentence for that post. It's simply to end the current story)

Pretty simple and easy to understand. Let's give it a shot!

This is the story about a girl named Lucky. :bj:
Story #1 "Lucky"

This is the story about a girl named Lucky. She had a succesful career, but she wanted to change. She decided to quit her career as an attorney to work as a stripper at the Onyx Strip Club.

One friday night, while she twerked her vay jay jay at the strip pole, she heard a big shout: "Lucky, I can't believe this, is that you???????"
She couldn't believe her eyes when she turned around and saw her former classmate and first love: Jordan Martinez.

Jordan Martinez was the most popular guy in the high school, but he hated Lucky and made so many jokes on her, so she acted like she didn't hear him and tried to escape from there quickly.

ut o' th' corner o' her eye, she caught a glimpse o' th' fine man that would save her 'n change her world... her dear sweet Captain. But jordan was already waiting for her in the exit with a really surprised face.

"I need you help" Jordan begged. But she slaped him in the face and walked away without saying a word.

Jordan just started to cry and yelled: Lucky, i need to tell you something, you are in a big danger! But then a star in the sky shines brightly like a diamond and somehow it feels like home.

So after Lucky saw that shining star in the sky, she decided she will give a chance to Jordan and she will listen what he wants.

"Beyoncé, the unlucky girl from our class who we all used to pick on, has somehow acquired superpowers and is planning revenge on all of us!" cried Jordan. And then Thiefonce came forward, dressed like Madonna and strutting like RIhanna and broke out into Britney's S4U choreo, henceforth beginning the Epic Dance Battle to End All Dance Battles!

Lucky and Jordan were so scared, but they started to laugh when Beyonce farted a huge one accidentally. She was embarrased and said: "you won at this time, but i will come back". And as beyonce was leaving her outfit broke and she stood there half naked and embarrased while lucky and jordan laughed.

The End.
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