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Selena Gomez Has No ‘Respect’ For Miley Cyrus After ‘Lame’ ‘FU’ Diss

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Selena has seen the video of Miley grabbing a Selena cutout from her audience, then singing “FU†to it and throwing it back to the crowd. She’s NOT happy about it!

“Selena already knows that Miley will do anything for attention even if it means dissing other people,†an EXCLUSIVE source tells HollywoodLife.com. “Selena would never do what Miley did and doesn’t really have any respect for her in the first place. She thinks Miley’s number one priority in life is getting attention and she actually feels sorry for her!â€

We understand why Selena would be upset with Miley. It was a very public, very personal diss! Another source reveals to us that Miley and Selena have NEVER had a perfect relationship.

“They have been catty and fueding since the Disney days and this is just a continuance of it. There is definitely no love lost and they talk sh*t about each other behind closed doors all the time. This just happened to be made public. Selena thinks Miley is lame, but expected this from Miley since they both don’t like each other,†an EXCLUSIVE tells HollywoodLife.com.


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Wow Miley is so fucken disperate I never liked her but she fucking trash tbh and so childish no wonder Liam broke up with her she fucken changed and she became so disperate

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Who has respect for Viley anyways... Such a catty bitch, who's desperate for attention. Sad for girls who think it's "cool" to act like that. :bitchplz:

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