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Daydream, Mariah's fantasy

Bridgit Mendler - Atlantis feat. Kaiydo

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4 hours ago, Skrillney's Sugar Rushhhh said:

I love the song but I don't understand that video :orangu:

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the video is quite sad, you know...

She feels like their love is dying, or the emotion is gone, she feels numb and that their relationship is stuck "Oh my lord, where's my soul? How did we end up like this? Fast asleep with the fishes down in atlantis."

That's why her bf is asleep, and she also remembers and yearns for the past (when she look at their older pictures together when they were happy  and everything was exciting)  that's why she's still trying... she's still hung up on it. "dig little deeper, baby hold your breath"  

And when she cries (which breaks my heart) It's because she feels like he's only with her during, well...  sex  :yakno: and that's why he wakes up near the end. "Oh, I know how to feel, I know that love exists" :crying11: she desperately holds on to it :yasqueen:

but "there's nothing left  he's a wreck:omg1:  " :bigtime:

And her friends, it always happens... they try to make u feel better, cheer u up and tell u that everything is gonna be alright when it's not! :crying11:   

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