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My dad passed away.


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I don't know why I'm posting this

I'm sitting back in my old bedroom from when I was younger at my dad's house. Spending some time alone.

He passed away this morning, at age 73, after a battle with Lymphoma (lymphnode cancer)

He's been under the care of Hospice which is a Home Health service. We knew he didn't have much time left so we had time to prepare for this

I had barely spoken to him for the last 3 years. We didn't have a great relationship and he wasn't always a great father to me or any of my 7 siblings.

But it's so weird. I never thought that, at 25 years old, I would have already lost both my parents. Life is just unexplainable and full of the unexpected.

Some of you already knew what was going on and have been sending me and my family support via Twitter and PM. I thank you guys so much for all the love.

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I know this is literally just plain reading this because I never feel like reading anything online helps, I know the thought is there and I appreciate it but it doesn't help your feelings you know? But I wish you the best of the best Bobby. I'm ever so sorry you had to go through this bb, it must suck. Life is so strange some times isn't it :(

You'll be in my prayers tonight bb. Stay strong <3

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Thanks, everyone. I appreciate it.

I know it might be weird to post to strangers on a message board about these kind of things..I'm just feeling a little introverted right now and this is an easy way for me to get out of my own head while still being able to vent, ya know?

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I'm very sorry for you. Those are the moments when you don't understand why people are saying that life is beautiful...

Hold on there. Just throw away all the tears you have to throw and move on. You have to live and go further, no matter what. 

I wish you the best!  :hug:

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I'm sorry, Bobby. I don't know what to say. I'm pretty much the same age as you, and I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now. Even if your relationship wasn't great, I guess it is still hard to cope with his passing, but I hope you find the strength to make it through this and feel better soon. ¡Ãnimo, Bobby! :hug:

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