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Tradelist update


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here is some of my new items by britney and other artists :)

Britney Album Interview Answers (Lossless):omgah:

(selena gomez) slow down remixes part 2 *Lossless*:goodside:

(Ariana Grande) Love Me Harder Unmastered stripped (Demo):crying5:

Ariana Grande Into Remixes (Lossless)

(Taylor Snake Swift) Wildest Dreams (Acapella):tea:

(Hilary Duff) Who's That Girl (demo):huhyeah:

these are just some of the many new things on my list ;) 

 Nicki Minaj I Lied Instrumental :fyea:

Britney BBMA red carpet photo in higher quality than what leaked:lolohgawd:

also have BTS photos of the video for sometimes:idgaf: 

full list 



PM if interested 

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