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Mortal Kombat X


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Anyone else following or excited about this release next year?   :zoomzoom:



I'm not a total gamer, but I really enjoyed MK9 and this one looks just as good.  I like that this game will be introducing new characters, who don't really scream MK and are more along the lines of DC, but seem to be really interesting ones nonetheless.  




Cassie Cage (daughter of Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade[-Cage?]) was a surprising edition and seems to be a hybrid of both parents.  



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I love MK. But god, why do some fighting games make the ugliest female characters? Cassie's close up shot....I remember Sonya looked blegh too in 9.

Still stoked tho!


MK are the worst games for that. The NS team have no idea how to model females characters tbh.


I love MK tho. I used to run a pretty large fan site. I'm excited for X and it's the only reason I'm getting a PS4, but so far it seems like 9 with a few extra features. I was hoping for something that felt really fresh for the next gen.


Cassie's fatality is really sick, I love it. :D

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