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This Internet Conspiracy Claims Taylor Swift Is A Former Satanic Leader


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Satanism will never go out of style, at least as far as it concerns Taylor Swift’s alleged link to Satanic leader Zeena LaVey.

Theories that Swift is a clone of LaVey, whose father founded the Church of Satan and who acted as the church’s high priestess, have been circulating the internet for years now.






Credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/taylor-swift-satanic-leader_us_57d2ca46e4b00642712d0e23

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19 minutes ago, HeadstrongWolf said:

Nah, she a reptile cause she a snake.


Think about it tho :ashley:


Pre-1989 Taylor Swift is completely different in every way from post-1989 Taylor Swift, and its when the public perception and beef with other celebs started :yaknow:


Also who is the mascot of the devil? :waitWAT: 



A snake :ashley: 


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