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Another exhale thread

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Sooo I'm trying to find the posts from 2007 where Whoredan was defending Satan Lufti for exclusives and there is no longer an archive menu on BreatheFlop so I literally have to go all the way back to the first post and then click through the pages until I get from 2004-2007. :ashley:  And then I tried to google keywords to get to it faster and I don't have access to some content on Exhale even when I login to my old username. :ashley: It says  I don't have permission to view this content. Does this happen to everyone? Try searching "Breatheheavy Britney lucky to have Sam". ew. fucking cunthead. I wonder if he blocked me because I am always calling him Whoredan or if it's because I'm a member of Uni :ashley: I'm trying to find it for ifuseekme 



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