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Jensen Ackles mentions Britney Spears in interview


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Nerd HQ is a panel at San Diego Comic Con specially developed by Nerd Machine staff, founded by actor Zachary Levi.  

Recently, the cast of the series Supernatural participated in this panel..
Many fans make their questions, one of them asked: "What is your favorite song to sing loudly in a car?" 
 Jensen Ackles(DeanWinchester) answer: BRITNEY, YOU BETTER WORK BITCH!


In 08/24/2016


You can see the video here:







is not the first time that Jensen Ackles cites Britney Spears 
   In an interview granted by jared to a Convention of the year Australian magazine of 2009
one reporter said for Jared Padalecki what he Jensen Ackles suggested that he dub a song of Britney Spears
  Then Jared Padalecki(Sam Winchester) said:  "all right, I accept! But I don't have a favorite song of Britney Spears. I would like to have, but if there is a song of Britney on the set, I have to sing"






How nice they were FBI agents with names "Spears and Aguilera agents" in the series Supernatural 




:sosurprised: OMG ^_^


Some people in the cast (supernatural) singing "Baby one more time" Dallascon event 2012          




It was rumored that Britney Spears's team would choose the Jensen Ackles to be your boyfriend in the music video for "Criminal"
in 2012

downloadfile.png   ;) 


I think it's time for Britney Spears take part in this series. Don't you think? 


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