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Play the damn music video please

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I totally understand the disappointment.. but don't let this era die - if it flops hard, it could be the last album from our homegirl. Maybe it was a bad decision, but the music we have so far is great, her body is on fire (after a decade) and she's actually doing promo - she's been on Jimmy Kimmel, done the BBMA's, probably will perform at VMA's (since she cancelled two shows before the VMA it's kinda obvious she'll at least make an appearance) and iHeart festival, done already 3 radio interviews, she's doing that karaoke thing (correct me if I missed something).. but most of all - she has an album coming out in three weeks so please let's just forget this mess, hope for a leak and keep on supporting her... don't boycott her over one stupid decision.. don't cancel your pre-orders.. I don't feel like she deserves this..

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