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The Make Me Video Was Reshot [Updated With Info from Britney]

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UPDATED: Britney confirmed in her Australian radio interview that the video theme is now "me and my girls auditioning guys." Sounds like the video was indeed reshot..


According to multiple trusted sources at PopJustice, the Make Me video was at least partially reshot. Apparently Britney was uncomfortable with the original edit, including the sex scene with G-Eazy and some other things. Sources say that either the entire video was scrapped or David Lachapelle removed his name from the project when her team tried to do some editing. 


Either way - fucking mess


Y'all know I'm the first to tell everyone to calm down and not to bitch before we know anything for sure, but this just screams Team Britney.


David Lachapelle is fucking amazing, and Britney should never have agreed to film anything that she wasn't comfortable with in the first place. Why would any director want to work with her on a video again? She'll have a reputation as being difficult - first cutting scenes from Work Bitch and insinuating that everyone pushed her to do things that she didn't want to do, then totally scrapping Perfume and editing it into a boring mess, and now this. Joseph Kahn and David Lachapelle are two of the best video directors working, so it's a real shame if she's burning bridges with them. 


I hope that this isn't true, but it seems likely. I'm actually really bummed. 

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