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I can't believe... (MMO related)

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how long we've waited for MMO:grumpy:

and that I've been here for almost a whole year and the amount of things i've done here :o

  • mixed 2 remix albums, 2 remix eps (even tho one was completely scrapped :gloria: )
  • made 2 britney theme video games
  • had 7 of my emotes added (RIP :fall: :crying2: )
    • I also made over 50 emotes which werent even used :umomg: 
  • was a promo staff member:yestbh: (#ifuseekmeforstafain :moorangu:)
  • became a trader and have gained many rare unleaked britney files :bj: 
  • made almost 3,500 posts :omgosh::britwoo:
  • made 2 britney themed competition games in threads (not my video games), which both flopped :selenerz:
  • gotten into many feuds with another ex staff member which caused both of us to no longer be a staff members:ipass:
  • learned what vaporwave, orangu meme, many mimi songs, phrases like AP &GP, and what many other things are:eek2:
  • trolled you guys way to many times:HAHA:

I'd also now like to announce that my long awaited remix album #FLAWLESS will be released on July 18, the day that I joined here :) #30DaysTillFLAWLESS :excited:

the album will be released on here with special bonus tracks and on soundcloud too with different bonus tracks :D 

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