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Tradelist update

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its been a while since i made a thread in the TC, so i thought i would give an update of things you guys might be interested in :)

Freakshow 9-11-06 demo & Radar Lower pitch demo*both 320 kbps* :werk:

I Dare You (Bonnie Mckee Demo For Britney) *Higher Quality than what leaked*:goodside:

My prerogative MV version *Lossless*:chilldance: i don't understand why nobody wants this:imbored:

Heart & When Your Eyes Say It UK version *lossless*:dorkney:

Lisa Peardon Cropped Outtake (Leaked in way lower quality & uncropped):britlol:

Sometimes (3 LQ BTS Photos):kweenbritney:

Gimme more (Unleaked higher pitch demo):fab:

(Hillary Duff) Breathe in. Breathe Out (Album instrumentals):crazysmile:

(Ed Sheeran) X (Album Instrumentals) *missing I see Fire & Take It Back*:qtb:

(Lady Gaga) Money'n Drugs demo :sarcastic:

(Lady Gaga) Poker-Face (Pre-release Demo):happywalk:

there is way more things on my list, which is below :qtney2:

Full List:



PM if interested in anything ;) 

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