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More TV tracks! (OIDIA, Lucky, Stronger, 224 KBPS, Mono.)

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Hey y'all, I'm back :queenflopga:



I got my hands on some more shit.


  • Oops I Did It Again (TV Track - MONO, 224 KBPS.)
  • Lucky (TV Track - MONO, 224 KBPS.) - Remember, I only leaked this in 128 kbps
  • Stronger (TV Track - MONO, 224 KBPS.) - I also have this in stereo lossless.
  • When Your Eyes Say It (No Outro.) - Lossless
  • You Got It All (WITH Outro, originally from When Your Eyes Say It. Sounds like an edit, but whatever, I ripped it myself.)Lossless


:queenflopga: Hit me up. I'm about to filter some shit.


Here are my receipts for Lucky :queenflopga:
Version I already leaked
Version I just ripped


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