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Jamie Lynn Spears new single Sleepover


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Jamie Lynn has been promoting her new single sleepover



She first sang Sleepover at the Grand Ole Opry:



and yesterday held a sleepover-themed event where her guests were invited to wear their PJ's and she performed the song and had other guest artists perform songs as well :)



Does anyone know if she performed it at the CMT awards? I can't wait for more videos to be posted!




GUYS! SHE LOOKS SO FLAWLESS :yasqueen: slay <3 





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Message to the Admins/mods, my Jamie Lynn fansite is inactive at the moment because I have had some technical struggles and it makes it impossible for me to deal with while also updating and promoting by myself. :disagreewitchu: I'm still paying for the hosting and domain but I'm wondering if I can get some tech help and advice or if I should just cancel everything?

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