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is it bad...


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... that my 3rd remix album is a bigger priotority to my third one which isnt even out yet :goaway: 

like i already started making new mixes for it, and already named my third remix album :selenerz: 

but since i mentioned my second remix album, i might as well spill some tea about it:tea:

there probably will be a special universe edition of it and a soundcloud edition :tbh: (maybe another edition if any one has any ideas :mhm:

its being released soon :excited:

no released singles from the rock ep will be on the album, only 2 b sides :thumbsup:



and now to spill some tea about my third remix album:reductive:

the only way i can describe the current direction is dark dance music:lips1:

im making some new remixes for tracks i already remixed in the past (probably I love rock'n Roll or DLMBTLTK, but this could change)

expect an extended version of my BOM remix :bj: 

there might be more than just remixes and mashups on this album too :xfactorney:

it will be a long time until the release of it, longer wait than the wait for my second one:canwenot:

I will wait to release the first single until the rest of the album is complete to avoid a messy era with singles, like my last 2 :goaway: 


so thats all the tea for now :tea:

also listen to my newest and last single from my second remix album


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