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Please guys stop the Drama, everything is fine!


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Topics saying "which is Britney´s worst song" are not ment to shade her, it´s just a matter of fact that 


she has some songs, performances, etc that some people don´t like, and maybe the one who created


the topic wants just more opinions.



There will always be trolls and rude people in a forum, you can´t do anything about it, just ignore them,


or wait till they do something that gets them banned, just don´t make it a big deal so they don´t get


what they´re looking for.



To Finish, don´t you all worry, this place won´t turn like exhell for three reasons:


1-We have good moderators and owners who care about us and britney


2-We are true Britney fans, we came from exhale just to support her and stay true to her and to what we believe is fair


3-Most of the trolls and hating people on exhell have stayed there, and won´t come cause they don´t attend to reasons.



So chill out everyone and enjoy the forum and all the threads! ignore the trolls and report when needed, let´s have a great time and not worry for what "may or may not" happen ok? 





Thanks Brit     :)

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