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Scream Queens Fan Made Soundtrack


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so i made a thread about this along time ago, but i decided to work on it again :mhm:

i found more songs  that could work so i want your opinion on what you guys think :)


here are some songs i'm considering:

Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter   :kweenbritney:

Bat's For Lashes - What's a Girl to Do (Used in the show  )

Lady Gaga - Donatella  :ttwe:

Mariah Carey ft. fabolous - Money  :tomh:

Britney Spears ft. Sabi - Drop Dead Beautiful :fabrance:

Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie - The Boys :eatandlaugh:

LIZ - When I Rule the World (yes its that song britney wanted to sing for b9 but lost in the end :goaway: )

Taylor Swift - Better Than Revenge :uhok:

Frida - I Know There's Something Going On (Junge Junge Remix) :assney: (original version was used in the show  )

Victoria Justice - Caught up in You  :woahh:

Miley cyrus - I get so scared :yestbh:

Lea Michele Thousand Needles :inneresting:

Abigail Breslin - Hurricane  :yes:

Demi Lovato - Old Ways  :bai:

Keke Palmer - Takes Me Away :fliphair:


Emma Roberts - Mexican Wrestler :kiss2:

Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Iaas Remix)  :yayy:

Ariana Grande - Pink  Champagne  :tybow:

Ariana grande - Dangerous woman   (might use this instead of PC :moorangu: )

Bea Miller - Rich Kids :imfab:

Lindsay Lohan - Too Young To Die :Iloveit:  (might replace caught up in you )

TLC - Waterfalls :tongue2:  (Used in the show )


tell me what you guys think :britlol:

I'd like to know what you guys think i should cut cause i already have to many songs :fun:

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