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The offical Pretty Little Liars Thread


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i thought that too. but....it sounded like a girl the last episode when A jumped off the balcon :yaknow:


I saw people talking about this,but I honestly thing that this was Emily's voice,not A's.

And honestly,if this was a girl,she's incredible tall and muscular.

A had the same height as Ezra. gif_50x50_68f697.gif?t=1402166237

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ABC Family just renewed it for season 6 and season 7!! Can you believe that!! Plus I'm excited for season five premiere tonight!!  :o



Can this thread be pinned for this season so we can discuss and not make a new one each week? ;)

OMG SHAWNA!!!!!!!!!!


I DIED :crying1:


SO THAT WAS A!!!!!!!

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