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Emotes Pm - Invitation 2


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Currently one of the largest collection of emotes on Universe, Emotes PM includes 18 sections filled with various subsections and multiple amounts of diverse emotes gathered and created. Absolutely anyone is welcome.






There is absolutely nothing necessary to do about joining. If you wish to be either pm @@Mike. or me, or simply

post in this topic. You will be added right in.





Adding your emotes is a possibility. Send them to me and they will be categorized appropriately.

The have to however be in the size of either 50x50, 55x55 (prefered size) or 60x60.

If you'd like to have one of your gifs become emotes but have no experience in it you can send them to me as well. 


Looking forward to anyone wishing to be a part of it RTee8Ia.gif

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