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Is Vaporwave Catching More Attention From The Mainstream Media?

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I've noticed lately that more and more artists are using vaporwave-like imagery in their music videos and more.

Mostly underground artists, but even Britney (well, Vevo) made the Tom's Diner lyric video in a vaporwave fashion.


First it started with Azealia Banks and her video for ATLANTIS, off her FANTASEA mixtape. Which consists mostly of her against vaporwave and seapunk themed backgrounds.

Of course, this isn't exactly mainstream, but with all the attention Azealia Banks has been getting, it can be considered a breakthrough for the aesthetics. kf3zp5.jpg


Then I noticed, La Roux made a video with some heavy vaporwave influenced imagery, especially towards the end. The VHS filter is a heavy indicator, and then the ending happens which leaves most people like kf3zp5.jpg what just happened? But most importantly, this was a huge step as La Roux has more attention than AB (sorry, being honest ab 2w56kb6.jpg) especially in Europe.


Then the lyric video for Tom's Diner came out after high demand for a music video, which we all know never happened with Burka Joanne 2w56kb6.jpg But the video itself also shares similar aesthetic visuals. 


What do y'all think? Vaporwave becoming mainstream or nah? kf3zp5.jpg

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