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Wow Listen To This Shit


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Janet Jackson rudely cancelled all her European shows and offered no explanation and no apology - what a fucking unprofessional mess.

Ticketmaster UK gave everybody an automatic refund, which was in my account within 4 days. I didn't have to do anything.


I also had tickets for the show in Paris. I had to contact Ticketmaster France to check if the refund process had been started, they told me this -


I have to send my ticket back to them in the post, before the 10th of April to get my refund. Any tickets they receive after the 10th of April will not be refunded.

They are a fucking bunch of thieves because NOWHERE on their website, their twitter or their facebook does it tell people that they have to do this. Many people will be expecting an automatic refund because that's what a good company would do. not ticketmaster france.


and why do they want people to return tickets for a fucking cancelled show? THE SHOW IS FUCKING CANCELLED.

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lol you taking this super serious yeah?


What do you mean? If we were all like you,this forum would have turned into a mess.

It's just annoying to see a new thread on the Britney section and then realize that it's not Britney related.

You just made the same thing twice,try to avoid it please.


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