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Primeney Is Back And So Am I


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I don't remember you TBH :mhm:

But welcome back

I caused controversy cuz these emotional ass britards can't take a true STAN being honest...but I get the last laugh b/c all that I was asking of Britney has now come true I wasn't here for stiffney and halfsssney during the residency when ppl were calling that "slayage" yet now all I see is comparison vids of the same stiffney being compared to currentney and now that Britney is putting effort it's somehow ok to be honest and say that she was doing anything but slaying being that stiff :reductive:
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I can already feel all the drama that's gonna eventually flood universe :gloria:

Welcome back tho, I hope you enjoy your stay at the onyx hotel in the forum 3lCJ92t.gif

This forum was less funny when I was UNFAIRLY banned for not lickin Britney's ass so idgaf wat drama follows cuz Kara will always be honest I don't regret a THING :reductive:

Did I have a point of view? Oops I didn't kno I couldn't speak my MIND :queenflopga::reductive:

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U thought I wouldn't be back? Just like u thought primeney as we knew it was gone...both queens are ready for 2016 slayage :reductive: know that just cuz I wasn't here doesn't mean I stopped supporting Britney it's just sad that I was banned for BELIEVING in Britney

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