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Scammer Alert. Be Careful.


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Last night I fell for a scam.


I was promised the TV track for Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.


I didn't realize that the TV track for that (and Overprotected) was available on the Crossroads DVD.


Because they scammed me out of my Lucky TV track (which took a minute to find honestly).

And now I feel very stupid.


And they got mad at me and almost scammed me out of the HQ my prerogative acapella too.

But luckily, they only got my LQ lucky tv track. I just feel really dumb right now and don't want anyone else to fall for this.

Also, it should be obvious if they say "Please don't trade this".








I wanna cry. I'm so dumb :crying3:



But fuck it. I'm gonna have a good day today. Me and my dad are going shopping for plants. 11m6vwg.jpg




Just giving y'all a warning.




If y'all could repost this warning on SoundCloud, I'd really appreciate it.

But I wouldn't play the audio. It's a warning siren from a video game. Specifically, the boss siren from Megaman X6. It's kinda loud.





Also, if anyone would like to warn me of scammers so I can add them to the list, that'd be great. Thank you.

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