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I Need Audio Britney Beats Graphics! Help!

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I can't photoshop worth sheit, and i'd really like some new graphics featuring some of the new photos we've received, that feature "Audio Britney Beats" in them some way (can be as Creative as you want!)!

Can anyone help me? 

I need some for both FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE (though, more YT then anything), and I will make sure you are credited on both! 


Please, can  anyone help?



P.s Audio Britney Beats is still growing on YT immensely (http://www.YouTube.com/AudioBritneyBeats), but has stalled on FB, so if everyone would be nice and go like the page (http://www.Facebook.com/AudioBritneyBeats) i'd really appreciate it!

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Well seeing how the entire page revolves around Britney, the photos contain Britney, and it's Britney fans i'm asking. I'mma leave it right here till someone moves it for me.

You guys really like to nitpick eh?

Well seeing that this isn't about Britney but just ur channel .. Yupp u should move it
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