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Umm Can We Talk About How Amazing Fifth Harmony's "work From Home" Is For A Sec?!?!?!


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This song, video and choreo is all on point, pure fire, bangin!!



Honestly the first time I heard it, I was a little bit bitter it didn't recorded by Godney for #B9 because it is just SOOOOOOO GOOD!!  :crying1:


Good for these girls tho.. I like them even better now that they are making songs like this!!! 





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I personally don't like it, the song is too basic and "bland", if that makes sense. The MV is cool, but it bothers me how hard they try to be sexy, like, their moves are extremely exaggerated and not natural at all :orangu:


The video is shit :jackk:

I don't get why they always  use the same old idea when they talk about "work".   :drown:

like, look at this


And let's not talk about their dancing... :drown:


















I like the song , though :yay1:




although it's really basic tbh :yes:


I know the beat is basic but I feel like those are the kinds of songs that are slaying radio right now... tbh. I mean Rihanna's Work is the #1 song in the USA right now and it is basic af!! :umomg:  More complicated productions that are upbeat dance (which I typically like a lot better) just aren't getting played like they used to even 2yrs ago..  :mhm:  The producer of this song is Ammo who did production on "Oh La La" and "Drop Dead Beautiful" for Britney... so we know he can do some awesome pop..


I think Britney obviously would have slayed the video better than the FH girls but it would be nice to see her bring that kind of sultry vibe that we really haven't seen from her in a video since "Criminal" or "TTWE"...


Just my thoughts anyway.. :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  THanks for your thoughts  :hug:

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