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Derrick Barry Will Star On Rupaul's Drag Race Season 8

Miz Cracker

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After Many Auditions Throughout the Years, He Finally Made It to Season 8


Just today, LogoTV RuVealed the next queens to start on the next season




Now Meet Derrick Barry




Professional celebrity impersonator Derrick transforms himself into Britney Spears six nights a week on the Las Vegas strip, with a look so convincing, even Brit-Brit herself was left speechless when she met him. But whether the judges will go crazy for Derrick’s Britney, or ask him to gimme more, remains to be seen.




Will he win this season? We'll see, if he stays longer for Snatch Game (which is an impersonation game) We'll see what iconic outfit he'll pull off from the Queen of Pop

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He'll go home in the second episode, I'm betting. He's not really a good drag queen. They'll drag him to hell and back for only "doing Britney" and when he tries to be unique, they'll kick him home. They'll basically pull a Milk. 

There's already a drag queen that shaded him watch it here http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls_drag_race/rupauls-drag-race-season-8-meet-the-queens-dax-exclamationpoint/1271424/video/#id=1739289

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I don't like his shows. :zoomzoom:

He can't dance that well and honestly, Britney already dances way better than him :bomt:
he seems "stiff" to me and all I'm expecting is him to recreate signature Britney looks which will only get you so far.

Still, Free promo for Brit but I  think the only way he'll last longer than 3 episodes is if the other queens suck. :4music:

This was the only "iconic" performance I've ever seen him do.

I was very disappointed with most of his routines (especially Pretty Girls)
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