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Re-Create Me - Game - Vote For Your Favorites - Universe Edition


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Since I received all the entries I needed,the votes can start now.





You have to send me in a PM the list of your TOP 3 favorite covers.

You CAN'T vote for yourself.





























500.000 shop points + Single Artwork posted on Britney Galaxy social medias




300.000 shop points




100.000 shop points


Start voting ;)

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 @Mike.  are you gonna let this game flop too?  :boring:


Girl shut up with that. The only reason why the other game flopped was because of your fault (the players) no1 was sending me votes so i couldn't do the next round and now the same fucking thing is happening. You're cute asking if this will flop when you don't even vote seriously.

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You should ask mods to move this to Britney section. This section is dead. 

I'm not gonna vote because I don't think is fair to vote when I'm participating... 

A poll would be better than pm votes. People is too lazy to send PMs, tbh. 


People who post on the Britney section wouldn't give a single fuck about this.

And who cares anyway,if every player vote i have enough votes to finish the game.

You don't find fair to vote when you're participating? That's why I made it clear that you CAN'T vote for yourself.

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