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Let's Talk About Our Collections


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I have MANY things! I love having her stuff in my house.  



...Baby One More Time Regular & International Deluxe Edition


Oops!... I Did it Again UK & Regular


Britney Regular & Deluxe


In the Zone 2 Copies Regular


Blackout Regular and Japanese Version


Circus Regular & Deluxe


Femme Fatale 2 Copies Deluxe


Britney Jean 2 Copies Deluxe


Greatest Hits: My Prerogative 2 Copies


Britney Singles Collection 2 Regular & A DVD Version 


Playlist Best of Britney


The Essential Britney Spears


Lucky CD Single



The Circus Booklet from the Sale this last Christmas 





Live and More 2 Copies


Britney the Videos


In the Zone Bonus DVD


Britney Live From Las Vegas


Britney and Kevin Chaotic


My Prerogative DVD


Femme Fatale Tour


Onyx Hotel Bootleg



...And My Crown Jewel 




I would post a picture but for the life of me i couldn't figure it out.  


What do you guys own? 

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