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Don't Let This Happen To You


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This is not a promotion for Gaga's single :pieceofwhat:


But this is a message for users and mods here regarding Exhale, I know this seems off, but most of us here have an account or came from there. :blackoutsmiley:


Recenly a long time mod "Da Fr3ak" was demoted by some of the newer Mods that somehow got promoted to Admins before him. With their excuse of "not being active enough" just when he came back from a vacation and active again.


The truth is he had an argument with the new Admin "Vixen" aka "Venom" when DaFr3ak questions about serial banning of members especially Destiny. Venom and other mods somehow think stuff users post outside of Exhale could be used as excuses to ban people "according to the rules". Example:


- Da Fr3ak was somehow accused of "being spammed by CaptaiNeil (which is myself)" on twitter DM. Small note: For some ridiculous reason I am somehow their enemt for pointing out their wrong doings and I'm supposed to "apologise"

A quote from Venom:



And a response from Da Fr3ak




- Second, @@Destiny. did not wish suicide upon Nina, what happened was those admins went on another forum (POP) and argue with users who got beef towards them for calling their delete and banning shady actions. And Venom and mods literally twisted words out of context.




Her last comment was turned into "wishing suicide upon Nina" :omg1: . Like seriously, even if it is, grow a pair and stop acting butthurt. You're all freaking older than 21 and can't handle that so you have to twisted somebody's words to make them look bad??


Destiny got into trouble in the first place because she talked to "enemies" on POP.



Also my story, many members here have account on Exhale know me as CaptaiNeil :o . Not only I was banned but every trail of me on there was deleted, if you search my name, I only existed in Quotes :zoomzoom: . My reason: I see many members being abused by the mods, I stayed on their side to get their voiced heard. One day, I was mysterious muted (aka unable to post or comment). Then I suddenly got banned by Nina Dobrev when I liked one of her comment with her banning reason "Spamming". lmao. And they deleted all my posts together with Destiny.

Many members over there that got you wonder where they are now, probably got the same fate or moved to somewhere else. 


I only posted this out of frustration for Da Fr3ak cuz he's my friend, and also because the insecure Exhale staff would constantly lurk our forums and take whatever you say HERE and twist them as your offense THERE if you criticize them.


So @@Nina Dobrev, @@Venom, @NotAPassenger  :smokeney:  Come forth! I never had a chance to take on you face to face, so don't be chickens and come say hi!

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