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Headstrongwolf's Emotes. (Since The Blogs Were Removed.)

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:ashley: lara why :ashley:

i'm not mad but i'm still gonna be salty about it :ashley:

I didn't even notice until last week but it's cool :ashley:


But anyway, here are the emotes I've made, since some of y'all like the shit I make and actually use them.


13z2tdt.jpg :shinji:

2vmvjog.jpg :gendo:

317jmua.jpg :sloth:

2jagebr.jpg :lorde:

2r7traf.jpg :daddy:

30sdr2f.jpg :yasqueen:(This should be official tbh.)

kf3zp5.jpg :aesthetic:

2rzb62q.jpg :aesthetic2:

ht5slt.jpg :rip:

2ho9vfk.jpg :ayylmao

dmteh0.jpg :whatsgood:

smg1o5.jpg :freakwhat:

wia9le.jpg :xtina:

dwxmcm.jpg :ashleycry:



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