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Scream Queens Emotes


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DO NOT MOVE :umomg:

so i decided to make some emotes for SQ because I really like that show :tbh:

IK that these will not be added :mhm: so no do not tell me that, i made these for practice :frenchy: also if i here these emotes have been abused or overused by a staff member, i will hide this thread :omg1:

so here they are :)

2rdavyf.gif :wax:


33ol2cz.gif :slap:

aqe07.gif :shove



2yknr75.gif :hestersmile:


2qw245d.gif :gigi:

2dm9ixc.gif :channel6:

dmtzm0.jpg :chad:


wvtvu1.gif :bioclass:

34hz8ck.gif :baby:

2envztx.gif :5stare:

auhb8i.gif :3scream:

1416vzn.gif :2scream:

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the show was bad i gave up after 5 episodes but cool emotes 


tip: you miss this one sis 


totally gone use some of u <3



I was planning on making more anyway 2yknr75.gif I'll make it this weekend :)

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