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Scream Queens Soundtrack

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So i started putting together soundtrack for SQ cause it honestly needs one :tbh:


so here are some of the tracks i found that could work so far :assney: I'm only gonna try to use a couple songs from each artist and use different genres too :twerkney: so im gonna only use about 1 or 2 britney tracks when i finalize it


Donatella - Lady Gaga

DBD - britney

Old ways - Demi lovato

Rich Kids- Bea Miller

I Get So Scared - Miley Cyrus

I Know There's Something Going On (Junge Junge Remix) - Frida

Caught up in You - Victoria Justice

The Boys - NickI Minaj & Cassie

Waterfalls - TLC

Money- Mariah Carey ft. Fabulous

Mexican Wrestler- Emma Roberts 

Lea Michelle Thousand Needles

Take Me Away - Keke Palmer

Lipgloss (Remix)- Lil Mama

Hurricane - Abigail Breslin

When I Rule The World - LIZ

Pink Champagne - Ariana Grande

Better than revenge - Taylor Swift (I have to use a remix of it tho :awkward:)

Whats A Girl to do - Bat For Lashes (Maybe the remix of it :orlynow: )

Ik this can become way better, so thats why i came here for your help :)

I hope to add some melanie and maybe some other artists too :xf9:

only 3 songs on this list are actually used in the show 

EDIT: Now i have enough songs, so now i need help cutting back :) if the song is in italics, that means i am most likely not cutting it :pomsmile:

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