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Twitter Is So Funny Today...

Mrs Jared Leto

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but its the same gif / emote over and over, thats annoying.

It's not even the same gif, it's the same person.

You can't just forbid something because you don't like it. It does no harm. People have been doing the same since forever. How come I've never seen you complain about Jocasta's gifs? Or madonnagu's ? Those aren't Britney emotes either. I've even seen you using the same Chris pine gifs (i think that's his name, and no I don't mean to be shady) a lot. 

I don't use Mariah emotes as much the others because I'm too lazy to look for them , but you can always block someone if u don't like their posts.

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If you guys want to keep the few members you have at least let them use the gifs they want.

What's wrong with that,i feel like the members complaining about that are the ones who want to create problems.

All this drama for that ? We can't even use the sames gifs we want in our posts ?


This place is starting to be too strict and it's annoying.  :britclose:

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I understand both sides of this :mhm:

people are using the same "annoying" gifs to shade each other


guys if u want to shade other members, get acc on exhale,  :omg1:  this is supposed to be a friendly place :omg1:

So personally, in my oppion, people should be able to use the same gifs as long as it is not shading other members :boring:

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