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What Is The One Thing You Did On 2015 Which Made You Most Proud Of Yourself?


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So I thought it would be a fantastic idea to start kind of a "self praise" thread because we deserve to reflect on the positive things we've done over this year!


In my case I'd say that I'm really proud of myself because I proved a lot of people wrong and I did big things they thought I wouldn't be able to handle! This was the year things started to get noticeable better in my life, and from this point I just my life to keep improving! 


What about you?

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I finally got my life back on track and had a job.  :) i had lost motivation to do anything, i was unemployed i was just going out or i was just at home doing nothing with my life (it kinda was my blackout period :orangu:), one day i don't know i was sick of that situation and wanted to do something with my life because i'm 23yo already, and i went to something called "mission locale" here, it's a place for young adults that are "lost" with their professional lives and need motivation and people will help you to find your way and help you to find schools, internship, jobs etc... and it worked very well with me, all happened very fast in just a few months but i'm very happy with my life now and i'm doing a job i love on top of that so i'm very happy, my family too (they started to be desperate with my situation tbh) and my friends too.

2015 was very bad year but finally something good happened , i hope 2016 will be all good with peace and love.

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