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The Sh*tiest And Best Cotton Candy I Ever Had


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So today i bought a $20 cotton candy kit that makes cotton candy with hard candies :bomt:  today i tested it out :ttwe:  the first few times were really bad, like really bad :britney-nicetry: as soon as the cotton candy entered my mouth it became just as hard as the candy :xf8: but after a few tries it started becoming really good :omg:  like Blackout/ITZ/FF good :shockedd: Grape/Blue Rasberry blew my mind :likethat:  I normally hate blue Rasberry too :bitchplz:  but it slayed :tomh:  Watermelon/Grape slayed too :yeathatswhatsup: they were really small tho :boring: also the cotton candy machine made Hot Cinnamon taste hotter than the original candy :eek2:

but overall i was really impressed :clap:

Here is a picture :inneresting:


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