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2Nd Update On My Remix Album


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So far it has 15 tracks nearly complete/finished including interludes  :yas: and expect a release soon :bomt:  like REALLY soon plus all the songs will be in. aif quality :) plus the xmas ep will be released to somehow promote #FLAWLESS :no1curr:


And here is the cover :o



I decided to name it #FLAWLESS because our queen, the amazing staff who mantian this site, the members who make this place special and all of the iconic threads are Flawless.The # symbolizes the urban fun production :tomh:

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cool can't wait to hear it :)

thanks :hug: I'm really nervous to hear what people think about it  :umomg: there was many changes to the tracklist and the concept had to be changed slightly due to my Physical therapy :crying1: I had to add more songs from my scrapped Rock Ep due to shortage of time :crying5:  but i was able to majorly rework most of them :yeahkright:

I'm just deciding if i should finish what i already started from the original plan for #FLAWLESS or if i should go with the new version :lips1: I want it to sound really good, but the release is really overdue :bitchney: The original release date was supposed to be in september :wowidc: I'm just so confused :crying2:

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