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I'm Thinking Of Having A Britney Haircut Again.

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(I didn't know if I should post this in the Britney section or here, but I guess here is better? :zoomzoom: )  Every since I was a teenager, when I wanted a new hairstyle, I would take a pic of Britney to the hairdresser to have a hairstyle like her. I think my all time favorite hairstyle of Britney is during the In The Zone era, something like this:


I think this hairstyle is really fun and you can style it however you want. I know that at the time she actually had shorter hair and these were extensions, but it worked for me, I think, a long time ago when the hairdresser cut my hair looking at one of the ITZ pics. This is me with the attempt of the ITZney hairstyle a long time ago:





and this is me now:


The reasons why I'm bored of my hair and want to go back to the ITZney hair:

1. Cause I love ITZney hairstyle, DUH  :nowaygif: 
2. It's sooo hard to comb and style such long hair with not so many layers + the ends are very damaged  :idc1: 
3. Back in the day I didn't even have good tools for styling, and now I do  :yay1:

4. I'm much hotter now than I used to be, so I would honor the hairstyle even more  :aintevenmad: 
5. My hair is lighter now  :ohrly: (and I plan to continue to go lighter)

6. My hairstyle has been the same for a looong time, I've just been cutting the ends and that's all  :mygawd:

6. I want to do my hair like Do Somethin-ney:  :ucrazy:  It's fun, crazy and sexy  :orlynow:

My friends, family, ex-boyfriends, and basically everyone had/have an opinion of what I should do with my hair, and to be honest - I'm sick of it  :entertainme:  So, I would actually like to know your opinions now, because you are the "outsiders" (aka not people who are in my life) and since it's a Britney hairstyle, I would like to know what the Britney Army thinks  :bitchimfab:  :-*



(EDIT - UPDATE) - I DID IT!  :thatsfunny: 






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