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Who Here Is A Vegetarian Or Any Plans To Be

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is any one here a vegetarian be it past or present.or do you want to be in the future.I used to be a vegetarian from age ten to 14.I first stopped eating beef after I got really bad food poisoning that lasted four day from eating a McDonald's beef burger.the whole bse thing was going on at that time so I quit beef became a vegetarian.then I started eating meat again but only pork and chicken.


was thinking of going vegetarian again after watching a documentary about the working of a chicken factory and I love the flock of chicken we keep especially the rooster.also because pigs have the mental capacity of a 3 year old child.


so what is your views on vegetarianism

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dam Google auto correct someday I'll end up writing a x rated email to someone by mistake.someone has to eat meat anyways cos then they wouldn't be alive.I think its easier to give up if you only eat chicken cos really who loves chicken.if you have a liking for red meat it's harder.don't think I could eat red meat again the last time was age 10.cattle are treated better they have a great life where I live better than some people.my aunt said that it is a common occurrence to see farmers cry when the time comes to hand them over to be slaughtered.

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I kind of am.. but not by choice! I have really high cholesterol even though I'm skinny bc it's hereditary.. so I basically have a vegan diet most of the time now for the last 3 yrs. I allow myself to cheat sometimes (like once a month) and have meat or cheese. OMG giving up cheese was the worst!!! It was even more difficult than giving up meat!!! I was so grouchy for like 2 months! LOL!  :lmaolol:

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i was vegetarian for a month last year so i could try it and make the transition to veganism easier. then vegan afterwards for a few weeks but it was so hard because where i live theres barely any vegan friendly food and substitutes so now im back unfortunately but im trying to cut back as much as i can and trying have a balanced healthy diet :) when i move i want to commit to being fully vegetarian then vegan again.

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