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How Do You Know If You Broke Your Nose

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so was fixing the shower attachment holder, then I put hose on the attachment.I bent down then it fell down from a height the hose and head right on the bridge of my nose.so it is swollen,red,cut,pain.long story short has anyone experience of noses to stop me thinking when the swelling goes down I won't look uncle frank who broke his nose three times.so if it was broken wouldn't you feel a bone jutting out.

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If your nose changes its shape within the next 2 weeks then your nasal bone/cartilage is damaged. Waiting to see if something like that's gonna happen is not the smartest thing to do, you should definitely consult with your doctor while the injury is still "fresh". Otherwise you may end up having permanent deformations which don't have to look bad but will require invasive surgery procedures to get your natural shape back. Good luck!

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