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Stay The Fuck Away From The United States Right Now.

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Everyone here is losing their shit.

We literally have had a mass shooting or some act of violence literally every day.


Just today, someone burned down a mosque with people inside, which is the religious temple for Islam.

Want to know the fucked up part?


This is the 64th mosque to be burned this year.


And every other day, someone gets a gun and gets mad and goes on a frenzy. Cops shoot another innocent civilian. Racial tension is disturbingly high between everyone, especially between black and white people.


Y'all, I'm so scared to live here, shit is even happening in my town. There was someone I went to school with and he murdered another person I went to school with, I didn't know either of them, but that's just one of the many things that's been happening in my town lately. 



The United States is no longer a safe country, for anyone. Please, for your own safety, remain in your own country.*




*I mean this in the most non-offensive way. I'm just legitimately scared for everyone at this point. Even my own family.

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