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I miss old Gaga tbh.


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I'm not a big fan of her, but I really miss Fame and Fame Monster times  :crying5: I remember the day The Fame came out, I fell in love with almost every track and I still love some of them. her music, the videos and outfits were everything  :crying1: she was really brilliant and original artist. I don't know what happened to her, but now she's just not the same as an artist... I started not liking her music since Born This Way came out. I don't really like this album, Artpop is even worse. now she's trying to hard to be original and artistic. such a shame that some great artists change  :surewhatever:


and what do you think guys?


do you prefer this Gaga

or  :frenchy: 

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Pre-BTW slays. I loved her fashion and how all her songs were catchy and forward thinking without being too preachy. Now it's overkill and I feel like she was a certain way in the beginning to sell herself to a wider market and now we stuck with the Gaga we know today, like she finally achieved enough fame and money to be the real Gaga which is such a turn off to me.

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Loved her retro-future couture back in the day, found the Fame to be a robust debut and the FM to be the perfect follow-up. She totally bombed with BTW for me personally, and tho I like the gritty sonics of artpop, the lyrics are so cerebrally forced that they come off turgid and uninspired.


pers opinion jussayin :tea:

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